Cosmo Welfare

Lightworker, musician, frequency researcher and discoverer of the universal tuning system, called
Natural Tuning.

Natural Tuning consists of the pitch reference frequency and of pure intervals, whose frequency ratios are the quotients of natural numbers.
All is based on the cosmic law of 
natural overtone series.

Natural Tuning begins with 1 Hz and includes 432 Hz as well as 256, 440 Hz and all other
important frequencies.

Just (pure) intonation is the only natural interval design and is the heart of
Natural Tuning.

I have been making music for many decades.

Started with 16 years as a guitarist and singer, then later in some rock bands from my home in northern Germany.

I earned my living in a studio in Kiel, as an employee of the city of Kiel, it was a nice job.

128 hertz, 432 hertz, pure tuning (just intonation) were my research areas.

In the course of my life the aspect of mediation in music became stronger and stronger and perhaps both are also a unity in the cosmic world, which I feel today as my home.

Cosmo Welfare