Cosmo Welfare

Yes, that’s me. Cosmo Welfare.
On the Elbe near Hamburg.
I’m looking for the ship from overseas.

Cosmo Welfare is looking out for ships on the Elbe.

This was my band before the shit started.

A band of Cosmo Welfare
A band of Cosmo Welfare in the past


To this day I don’t know how it came about, what it is, what it’s supposed to be, where it’s going.

It’s the thing with the Zenagent 9.

Zenagent 9
Zenagen9 is a part of Cosmo Welfare

The Thing with 1 Hz

Of course it’s unique, nobody knew it before. But nobody wants to know now either.
Rudolf Steiner and Maria Renold, they would have understood.
I have professionalized the thing, the thing with C = 128 Hz = sun.
In fact, yes, I find out how sounds can heal.
But nobody cares either.

Natural Pure Tuning
Universal frequency model based on natural pure tuning

And Now

The basic frequency of spirituel music is 1 Hertz

Organ music, I’ll do something dramatic.

Physically modelled pipe organ

In the future

The favorite lake of Cosmo Welfare and his bike

Thank you for coming.