Reality Generator

2020 – The Year of Change

The Reality Stream makes the world move on.
Cosmo Welfare has gotten older. And the truth has a different appearance.

And 2020 is the year of change. Zenagent 9 is back at work.

Good luck!
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This stream starts at September 1, 2020.

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What is a reality generator?

Quite simply: just as an electricity generator generates electricity, a reality generator generates reality.
The power generator makes the user independent of the public power grid, the reality generator makes them independent of the public reality field.

„All our ideas about the outside world are just reflections of our own perceptions,“ said Max Planck. Classical physics assumed an objective reality that was independent of the human mind. In this worldview, human consciousness was just the observer. Quantum physics has shaken this view of the world and has proven that intentional observation turns a probability into reality, that is, that intention creates reality.

Reality comes from observing what is outside.
Universal yoga does away with these reflections and you will see the world as it really is.

Everything is vibrating, the Maya creates an eternal jumble of vibrations.
This is what you see and hear.

Close your eyes, focus on your center,
listen to music that is in tune with the universal sound.

1 Hertz is the frequency that gets things right.

Create your own reality.

Universal Music for Universal Yoga