from the inner space

Annalena La Rosa


May 20.2016 - Whit Monday

Today I found Annalena. And that was so: in the morning I felt liberated from evil emotions and I started a walk through the little village, where I lived in the land of the cathars. I saw her sitting in the morning sun meditating under a tree. She opened her eyes and said: "here you are at last."
Typically Annalena. Then she told me her story:
"after our strange experience in the church in Hamburg I lost Psychosis some days later. I could not prevent him to follow a creature with great power. I jumped back to the year 1244 to the Montsédur to find the grail, but without success. I followed the trace to 1330, Lombrieve, then to  Rennes-le-chateau, I felt the vibration, but the signal was too week. I think, the grail is still here in thze mountains. What can we do now?"

"Good question, I see, your ID is erased like mine. Nobody can find us. That is good, on the other hand, we have no resources. Do you remember what you said to me in the church: Everything was planned long before by the GSA. The secret is hidden in the central atom. I think I have found out that Terra is ruled by a creature called Yaltabaoth, he is the creator of this world. He has no central atom, he is an god-like energy field that keeps mankind in prison. But he is not God, our father."
I told here of my adventure of May 15.2016. And then I asked here: "what is going on in the GSA, what does it mean, everything was planned by the GSA?"

Annalena answered: "the plan is to free Terra from this creature, Hellway Seeker told me in a weak moment. But I am sure that this is the truth. Equally it may be, that the GSA wants the grail, or Hellway Seeker. We must be prepared for anything.
The grail must be much more than we know, perhaps it is a weapon. Perhaps the grail can lead to heaven or hell. Perhaps the grail can give absolute power in the material world, but the price is the central atom, Yaltobaoth needs central atoms for living, he eats them.  That is an existing legend on Terra. Psychosis King is certainly caught by the grail and Jaldabaoth. I think, he is lost.

Let us try to build up a powerfield, our own network of light forces."

So we decided to continue on own account, no matter what the GSA wants. We had no ID, thanks to the grail, so we could not be found. Anyway, we thought it. Annalena would remain in the Pays Cathare and I would travel back to my base in Germany.

mai 22.2016 - Psychosis King

On the trip back to Germany Jaldabaoth appeared again. At a gas station a hitchhiker came up to me and asked me to take him a part of the way. At first everything seemed to be normal. The guy looked somehow like Psychosis King, but I thought no more about it. 

 As soon as we drove away from the gas station he began continuously to chatter. His stories were about conspiracy theories, he said he would be persecuted by the state, by the police, by tthe secret service and so on. The intensity of his language was scary, the frequencies high and dangerous. On the highway was heavy traffic, it was raining and the the visibility was very poor, and I felt the danger of an accident. All around me cars, too fast for the road conditions. It was clear to me that the hichhiker was really Psychosis King, he became an energy vampire, directed by Jaldabaoth.

I focused on the central atom, slowed my breathing, stopped all thoughts. I turned everything off and I handed over the control completely. The central atom grew and filled the atmosphere. Psychosis King started to to speak in unintelligible words. The situation lasted one hour, then Psychosis King wanted to get out of the car at the next motorway service area. Finally I asked him: "Psychosis King, if you want to come back and build up a new personality, we help you with all our forces." Suddenly he spoke quite normal: "No, I want it this way." And then he was away.

mai 23.2016 - love your enemies

Matthew 5:44
"But I tell you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who mistreat you and persecute you, that you may be children of your Father who is in heaven. For he makes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the just and the unjust."

On that journey, deep in the night, I felt the time of change. It makes no sense for me to be angry with Psychosis King or Jaldabaoth. It makes no sense to fight against him, it hurts only me. My enemies are energy fields, they are connected to my outer shell, and as long as I stay here, I would have to use my force to keep them at bay. I will try.