from the inner space



March 22.1120 - The Holy Grail

Jerusalem! I reached Terra in the year 1120. I could scan the energy traces of the team.
My goal was the headquarter of the Templars and I was looking for a lost team of the GSA.
I was extremely careful. Nobody noticed me, my shield was working fine. My brain frequency was close to zero. The humans could not notice me because of my shield.

I searched the whole building and finally deep under the palace I found the hotspot. Here the team had longer stay. In the middle of golden room stood an altar and on it a big singing bowl.
Next to the bowl I saw a elongated stone, more precisely a beater. On it were eight symbols, seven chakra symbols and a waveform.

I had studied the spiritual writings of Terra from official as well as personal reasons. And I remembered the bible Zechariah 3.9:
"See, the stone I have set in front of Joshua! There are seven eyes on that one stone, and I will engrave an inscription on it,' says the LORD Almighty, and I will remove the sin of this land in a single day."

With high probability I found the Holy Grail. Yin (bowl) and Yang (stone).
The insrciption was surely a basic frequency. On this frequency were build seven other frequencies in certain intervalls, a scale, the seven eyes, controllers for access to the seven chakras.
I' m used to act and so I took the stone a hit the bowl, come what may. A deep sound began to fill the room and me. Light began th shine throuhgh everything, then an angel was singing, I relaxed and listened.

After the song ended, a deep frequency turned into a terrible feedback. My shield collapsed.
The power unit did not work, as a consequence the zenmachine disappeared.
So I was forced to live in Jerusalem some time. I managed to create a trustful relationsship to the templars and I learnt a lot about their world, especially about the holy grail. In their view, the grail is an objekt from another spiritual world. The grail seems to do what he wants. It happened that the grail was away for some weeks and suddenly he was back again. Nobody knows what his function is. When someone hits the bowls, then completley different things can happen. It seems to depend on the personality.
Oh, man, what the grail had done to me was this: my ressources were away. I would begin again at the beginning. It was a long time in Outremer. But everything comes to an end and my studies and my exercises finally allowed me to get in touch with the ZeroPointField.

Dezember 26.2015 - Reality Generator

Free of time and space, like a rest in paradise. Peace and love inside of me. Unfortunately my control had failed. I was floating in an ocean of vibrations and  points of light. Somehow like the zero point field, somehow like a journey through the galaxies. But this time I felt a connection with all. Very pleasant, on the one hand, on the other hand I am was not here for my pleasure.
I focused on the ZeroPointField and managed to find a reality generator.

And I managed to get access to all areas. I had reached a material reality again , altought I was not shure that I was in right universe. There too much parallel universes.

My condition was catastrophic. Thoughts came into my head, my shield was full of holes.  Calm down, again from the front:  what is reality?
I am  ZenAgent9, employee of the department Paradise Research, sent out to find the lost team, the holy grail, the door to paradise and to examine a time jump.
My shield is somehow defective and I am trapped in a body. No connection to the departement, no trace of Annalena and Psychosis King. I need a rest!