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Getting into the details



February 26.2016 - Getting into the details

My thoughts come and go, maya! Nevertheless I have my acquired behavior. ZenAgent9 Office, Ha-Ha.
So my Todo List Update
Open questions and answers:
1. The time warp affected the years 1119, 1244, 1330 and 2015. What happened in these years, where is the connection?
The connection can be the Holy Grail. 1119 I saw this energy field in Jerusalem
On 16 March 1244, a large and symbolically important massacre took place, where over 200 Cathar Perfects were burnt in an enormous pyre at the prat dels cremats ("field of the burned") near the foot of the castle. Supposedly, the treasure of the Cathars (probably the Holy Grail) was taken away from the castle short before.
1330 - the last catharines were immured in the cave of Lombrives by the inquisitor Jacques Fournier. This was the last known location of the Holy Grail.
2015 - I found a trace of the team in the year 2015.
2016  is a year of reality changes, the Holy Grail plays an important role. 
I think, the main theme is the transition from life to death and from death to life.

2. What happened to Psychosis King and Annalena La Rose in Jerusalem?
4. What is the Holy Grail? Where is the Holy Grail?
3. What happened in the church 2016? 
4. How can I get rid of my mental and physical disabilities?
- I am moving ahead, my chakras are recovering, working better than ever. Music is healing.