from the inner space

Holy Grail



march 22.2016 - how the wind blows

Fortunately, everything takes its course. The enlightenment came as usual deep in the night: THE GRAIL IS AN ERASER!
Every Agent of the GSA has an individual frequency pattern written down in his cental atom. At this cosmic ID the individual karma, all incarnations, everything is appended. If you have no cosmic ID you are really out of reality. Today I found out that my ID is erased. Therefore I have no connection to the GSA, to my terminals, to my resources.
What happened? The Grail must have done it. When I hit the bowl my whole operating system was zeroized. I again started from the front.
Meanwhile I feel good with my situation, the GSA and Hellway Seeker are far away. Even Psychosis King and Annalena La Rosa are no longer so important, everything is relative. Chakra activation is a deep adventure, and my problems will be solved somehow. Annalena said to me in the church, that everything was planned by the GSA. The secret is hidden in the central atom. There is some truth. I have to look after your own affairs. One after the other. I continue to work on the Throat Chakra and on the Third Eye and then the crown chakra. And then.....
I will the search for the Grail. My plan: I will travel to land of Languedoc the land of the Cathars. The legend says, the grail was there in the year 1244: Château de Montségur.