from the inner space

Reset and Departure


August 13.2016 - Reset

This is my decision: I break up. I quit.

 The Holy Grail is far away. This is may temporary result. I will reset my systems. I like it here just fine, I learnt the language of the people, I found some friends, a home and a music studio.

September 09.2016

There's a surprise, the GSA has answered for my birthday and congratulated me. And even better, they have accepted my termination.
How can that be? I thought the contact was broken off, but this morning at 09:09 woke my communicator and showed this message:


September 25.2016

Today I decided to depart. It was a nice time here, it was like being on holiday. But I still have a lot of work to do. What have I really achieved?  My job was to find out what happened to the lost team of the GSA and what is about the time-warps.

Ok, I found Annalena La Rosa and Psychosis King, I found out what happened. But I think, there was a hidden problem, a hidden meaning in all. It has to do with the Holy Grail.

And now I am ready to start. I return to the beginning. 

September 27.2016 

The summer is over. Autumn, time to change. Now I am on the road. I have left everything. I have a vague idea of the future, that is all. Perhaps I can do it all myself, no machines, no GSA, no human help. Is this the end of the story? May be, may be not. I hope to see you all again.

One thing I want to say quite clearly here:
we can't find the grail, the grail finds us.
If he wants to find us....