from the inner space



Dezember 27.2015 - Let's go

I felt better, well-rested. Even my zenmachine showed signs of life. So I jumped to Terra and searched for the endpoint of the time warp.  My scanner path led me to a city in Germany, Hamburg. The signal was weak, and I hung around the city. Nice city but the humans seeemed stressed. I'm doing what I always do: I connect to the environment, become one with it! 
The intuition leads to the goal, it's time for fun, it can only get better.
I spent three days in order to find  Annalena La Rosa and Psychosis King. And then it was time.

Januar 01.2016 - Psychosis King

 A church - new year 2016 - The building drew me like a magnet. My scanner showed me the characteristic pattern of a ZenAgent.
The church vibrated in the darkness of the cold night. Although I was pretty beat, I manged to enter the church unnoticed. And there he was! Psychosis King stood in a kind of dark red light. He became more and more transparent, obviously he had connection with someone or something. I decided to do nothing, I only connected my central atom to the vibration.

Death is illusion

I saw his reality on my sanner. He was trapped in a cosmic sequence of events. That's just like him, always looking for the dark power. But apparently the project was not crowned with success. I knew the story of my studies. Was it reality, his reality, universal reality? Hard to say.

And the show on. Psychosis merged into into Annalena La Rosa. Above her head hung a circling energy field like a halo. The light turned to green, Annalena, what are you doing here? She looked at me and said: "I have no time, it was the grail in Jerusalem, it dissolved his personal frequency. A central magnetic point, three continental plates, three religions, I must go now with him. Death is illusion. Time is illusion. Everything was planned long before by the GSA. The secret is hidden in the central atom. Find out now."

That was now too far. I went to the shining appearance. The closer I got, the more Annalena disappeared and a templar appeared in a blue light instead. Back in Jerusalem.


The MIRROR. Good sound in the church, I understand. I saw myself  through all times.

Then my surroundings changed, I was in a church ruin, and my clock said: it is 9 o'clock in the morning, Friday, February 19, 2016! Eighteen days later. Normaly nothing brings me out of the concept, but now I was greatly irritated. I need a good breakfast.