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February 23.2016 - Inventory

My findings, Facts and my Todo List

My mission is to examine a time warp on Terra and to find the lost team of the GSA. At first I was in Jerusalem 1119 , because there I felt a trace of Annalena La Rosa and Psychosis King.

1119 was the year when King Baldwin II of Jerusalem granted the Templars a headquarter in a wing of the royal palace on the Temple Mount. The Temple Mount was above the ruins of the Temple of Solomon.
In my opinion the Templars had only one goal: to search for the Holy Grail. The Holy Grail is an alchemical energy field, which has various manifestations, responding to the viewer.

The GSA team found the field deep under the templars headquarter in the vaults.
And I found it too, for me it looked like a stone and a bowl. Seven chakra symbols and a wavy number were engraved in the stone. I could not identify the number, it was a catcha. 
The bowl represented the yin-energy and the stone represented the yang-energy.

I hit the the bowl with the stone. But the right frequency was misssing. That was my fault.
So I brought yin and yang together, energy flows through the seven chakras, but the result was not what I expected. I overestimated myself! I could not control the things and got my comeuppance.
I experienced some spacelike events and stranded in the year 2016.

Here I found Psychosis King in a church. He turned into a nun and broke up. Perhaps it was a hologram projection. Do not trust anyone - nothing is what it seems, the secret service has it own rules.

During my stay on Terra a veil fell over my realtity. I had barely access to the ZeroPointField. My body became of prison and an incessant stream of thoughts spilled into my consciousness.
No connection to my bureau, no possibilties to travel, my chakras seemed to be closed. I was not totally dependent on the world, energies were still floating, but it was exhausting.
I had the distinct impression that a dark vibration, a strong powerfield was working behind all. I went into a trap, but who and where is the trapper?

Open questions:
1. The time warp affected the years 1119, 1244, 1330 and 2015. What happened in these years, where is the connection?
2. What happened to Psychosis King and Annalena La Rose in Jerusalem?
4. What is the Holy Grail? Where is the Holy Grail?
3. What happened in the church 2016?
5. How can I get rid of my mental and physical disabilities?

To obtain information I need an Internet connection.
I need a base and and contact with natives. My choice was a muscian and expert for universal frequencies, Cosmo Welfare. He was searching someone for his projects. Just right for me.

Meditation music relaxes. Normally, problems can be solved by itself, if you have the nerve, the trust and the patience. But what is normal on Terra, I never seen such a dilapidated planet, like a prison planet with prisoner which fight each other. Well, not all :-).