from the inner space

Zenagent9 - The Diary


Reality is changing

I am here because of my work. I am ZenAgent9,  employee of Paradise Research, a departement of the GSA - Galactic Security Agency.  Unfortunately I have some problems with strange energy fields. For now the connection to my terminals is broken, I am alone with my power unit, my central atom and my zenmachine. I am not shure what reality is. In our dialectically structure we see the rule yin and yang. When something goes up, another corresponding element goes down. Reality seems to be an universal energy field that vibrates with unimaginable amounts of waveforms. And individual personality is the memory of the past, the consequence of our connections with those waveforms.

My mission is to find a lost team of Paradise Research, my departement of the GSA. The team consists of Annalena La Rosa and Psychosis King. I do not know exactly what has been their job, in our profession we know just as much as we need to know for the job. But I have a speculation, their research has to do with the Holy Grail.

The Holy Grail is a tarran legend of a mysterious powerful object, which has to do with the temple of King Salomon in Jerusalem, with the templars and the cathars. Terran legends are my hobby. I've probably got the job because of my knowledge.